Terrible One


So I just finished up some work on my bmx a few days ago. There are a ton of one-off ZodiacEng. Components on it. Some of them may make it into production soon.

Frame – Custom Terrible One 21'' w/press-fit headtube

Headset – Chris King, no dust cover with wedge
Fork – Odyssey Race Classic, slots deepened by 3/8''
Bars – Terrible One Ruben
Stem – ZodiacEng., counterbored to fit the Odyssey preload bolt flush, Bluesix Bikes bolts
Grips – Dimension Track Grips
Barends – ZodiacEng. 7068 plugs

Seat – Macneil SL
Post – ZodiacEng. Pivotal wedge prototype

Cranks – Odyssey Wombolt, spindle shortened 1/2'', cap removed
Sprocket – ZodiacEng. fullguard 27t
Bottom Bracket – DK Spanish
Pedals – Atomlab Trailking, spindles shortened 1/4'' to sit closer to cranks
Chain – KMC 710SL Titanium Nitride plating
Spacer – ZodiacEng. Wombolt spacer, modified to work with the shortened spindle

Front Wheel
Hub – G-Sport Marmoset, collars chamfered to clear fork legs
Rim – Odyssey 7KA
Spokes – DT Swiss
Nipples – DT Swiss
Tire – Animal 2.1''
Bolts – Bluesix Bikes Low Profile 3/8-24

Rear Wheel
Hub – Chris King Cassette 12t (KingCoaster soon)
Rim – G-Sport Ribcage
Spokes – DT Swiss
Nipples – DT Swiss
Tire – Animal 2.1''
Bolts – Bluesix Bikes Low Profile 3/8-16 w/14mm shoulder

Brakes – Suelo, bottom of pad mounts milled off to clear chainstays
Cable – Kink Linear
Lever – Paul Comp, barrel adjuster turned and jam nut removed
Hanger – ZodiacEng.
Pad nuts – Bluesix Bikes

Weight – 23lbs 12oz.

Modifications – See above. I shortened the spindle on the Wombolts by about a half inch and also shortened the spindles on my pedals. This moved my pedals in an inch closer to each other. So much more comfortable. The ZodiacEng. text on the top and downtube were chemical etched into the frame. Same with '‘Long live the press-fit’' on the right side of the headtube. All the parts on the bike that aren’t black were sandblasted, tumbled and polished. I still need to cut off the excess dropout on the forks. Everything else speaks for itself.